Viking Village
    Our fleet of scallopers lands well over 2 million pounds of sea scallops on a year round basis, assuring a reliable supply. Although trip boats fishing 7 to 10 days at a stretch represent the mainstay of our production, our dayboat scallopers play an increasingly important role, particularly in the production of “Viking Fresh Sushi Grade” scallops.
    Our commitment to quality has culminated in our “Viking Fresh Sushi Grade” scallop program.  In this program, unprecedented in the industry, every container of “Viking Fresh Sushi Grade” and a significant number of all scallop products are inspected by qualified Viking Village personnel for count, texture, freshness and uniformity None of our scallops are ever processed or treated with chemicals and thus are truly “dry” scallops retaining their as-shucked size, weight and consistency.
A pile of Atlantic Sea 
Scallops on deck 
prior to shuckingA scallop dredge hanging 
over the deck at nightAn open scallop bag...
scallops are typically 
packed in these 
40 to 50 lb. muslin bagsThe deck of a 
scalloper awash 
in a heavy seaViking Fresh 
Sushi Grade Scallops 
are specially culled 
and packed in 8 lb. 
plasitic or metal tubsSeared  scallops, 
delicious and 
ready to eat