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Viking Village Videos
Dockside Packout
Always interesting and sometimes exciting, this video is a glimpse into the daily operation at Viking Village dock. Footage is shown of the 'North Atlantic Wild Scallop' and a montage of the variety of fish that cross the dock before being shipped to New York City, Philadelphia, Boston, and other markets.
Scallops 2011
Journey out to sea to harvest wild Atlantic scallops. See how they're caught, brought aboard and shucked on the boat then packed out at Viking Village dock. You'll also get some scallop cooking tips from an accomplished chef.
The Dock Tour
Viking Village's educational and informative Dock Tours are highlighted. Educational institutions and the public are invited to learn about our sustainable and responsible fishing methods. Tours are hosted by Karter Larson, whose informal style is quite entertaining. Also featured are Capt. Chris LaRocca demonstrating scallop shucking and Chef Peter Fischbach cooking fish and scallop dishes.
Tuna Grading & Bluewater Fishermen's Association
Tuna grader Chris Sprague of Viking Village grades Bigeye and Yellowfin tuna along with the packout of swordfish. Terri Biedeman, Executive Director of Blue Water Fishermen's Association, discusses the circle hook, the recovery of  swordfish stocks and speaks about this year being a banner year,
Fish For Tomorrow - Cooperative/Sustainable Fisheries Forum
Commercial fishermen and research scientists are shown working together to ensure sustainable fisheries. 'The Miracle at Sea' is an example of the rebounding of the scallop industry. The following is an excerpt from the 60 minute documentary "Fish for Tomorrow."
Monkfish Cooperative Research
The success of  fishermen and research scientists working together is obvious in the monkfish fishery. An excerpt is shown from the documentary, "Fish for Tomorrow" presented to Congress by advocate Rick Marks
Gillnet Fishing
Commercial gillnet boats are shown fishing for monkfish and croakers in coastal waters off Barnegat Light, New Jersey. A dissertation by veteran gillnetter, Kevin Wark aboard the Dana Christine is also featured.
Viking Rose-Dragging for Fluke
It's a beautiful summer day as filmmaker David Kaltenbach is on a shoot with Capt. Tim Brindley on the Viking Rose. The captain plays a hard tune with the harmonica as the otter trawl gear works catching 500 pounds of fluke. In addition to a gorgeous sea and a great catch, Kaltenbach shoots some breathtaking scenes in slow motion .
Longline Pack-Out: Captain Dan Mears
Capt. Dan Mears of the Monica, Barnegat Light, NJ packs out a North Carolina  trip. Onboard: sword, tuna & mahi.
Shark Finning Myth
Viking Village presents this brief video showing the removal of the shark's fin at dockside. The sale of sharks is legal with the fins attached to the carcass. The myth of our U.S. fishermen going out to sea, removing the fins of sharks is NOT true!        See for yourself.....
Tribute to Captain John Larson
No matter where you roam in this seaside fishing village of Barnegat Light, Capt. John Larson's footprints and legacy have left a lasting impact.  A sea captainin the finest sense who braved an untamed ocean and the wild inlet. Once known in the '70s as the  'tilefish' tycoon along with Capt. Lou Puskas, the two successfully made Viking Village, the commercial seafood production dock, a destination for the fishermen and tourist.
Viking Village