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Viking Village

GSSA / Fishspan
Video Composition of GSSA Members

An overview composition of the members who comprise the Garden State Seafood Association....Dedicated to the sustainable harvest of New Jersey's inshore and offshore waters.
GSSA Fundraiser 2011 Tuckerton Seaport

​Still photos of GSSA members participating in the annual fundraiser held at the Historic Seaport in Tuckerton, NJ December 2011.
The Garden State Commercial Fishing Industry Award

Recognizing individuals and/or entities that exhibit outstanding professionalism and committment to promote the health, success and sustainability of New Jersey's commercial seafood industry through diligence and innovation.
Tribute to Captain John Larson

No matter where you roam in the seaside fishing village of Barnegat Light, Capt. John Larson's footprints and legacy have left a lasting impact. A sea captain in the finest sense who braved an untamed ocean and the wild inlet, he was known in the '70s as the 'tilefish' tycoon along with Capt. Lou Puskas. The two successfully made Viking Village, the commercial seafood production dock, a destination for fishermen and tourists alike.
Tribute to Jim Harry

Born in Willow Grove, PA, Jim was a commercial fisherman and boat captain for 50 years, working out of both Pt. Pleasant and Highlands. He fished and clammed on his boats, the F/V Althea, the F/V Pat, and the F/V Karin B.  
He was a Founding Director of the Commercial Fishermen’s Association and the Garden State Seafood Association, a member of the N.J. and Ocean County Farm Bureaus for 20 years, a member of the Ocean County Board of Agriculture for 25 years, and its President for 15 years. Jim loved being a waterman and was a very active participant in the Hard Clam Relay program.
Fishspan-Broadcasting Fish News

'Fishermen Protest Rally' on Capitol Hill, Washington, D.C., March 21st 2012. The recreational & commercial fishermen unite to fight against the oppressive laws of the Magnuson-Stevens Act. FishSpan is pioneering a new concept in the fishing realm.  Three part video of the actual "United We Fish" rally available now for your viewing.
Capt. Jimmy Mears / "The Fishermen's Memorial"

Capt. Jimmy Mears perished at sea on a crisp full moon evening January 2012. Jimmy will always be remembered for his smile that could break through a dense sea fog. The bronze statue of Capt. Jimmy symbolizes the fishermen from Barnegat Light who have been lost at sea.