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Fish For Tomorrow Cooperative / Sustainable Forum-Trailer
Commercial fishermen and research scientists working together to ensure sustainable fisheries. 'The Miracle at Sea' is an example of the resurgence of the scallop industry. Scientists discuss steps taken to increase the yield of  scallop beds. The following is an excerpt from the 60 minute documentary "Fish for Tomorrow."
Fish for Tomorrow Part 1
Our objective is to educate the public, the lawmakers and institutes of marine science and to provide an accurate in-depth documentary of the  commercial fishing industry and the scientific research that surrounds it.  From the historic to modern day techniques, our story contains a wealth of information about everyday activities in the fishing community.

Fish for Tomorrow Part 2
Advocate Rick Marks discusses "The Magnuson Stevens Act" and Viking Village manager, Ernie Panacek relates success stories in the commercial fishing industry. "The Miracle at Sea...SCALLOPS" showcases the rebound of this bivalve.
Fish for Tomorrow Part 3
Consultant to the fishing industry, Nils Stolpe discusses scientists going out to sea with the fishermen. Viking Village manager, Ernie Panacek, informs us of the extreme importance of responsible fishing and fish for the future.
Fish for Tomorrow Part 4 
Chris Sprague discusses tuna grading and Terri Lei Biedemen,Executive Director of Blue Water Fishermen's Association, speaks about the rebound of  swordfish.In concluding remarks the fishermen, advocates and scientists comment on the overall sustainable / responsible fishing industry.
Monkfish Cooperative Research
The success of  fishermen and  research scientists working together is obvious in the monkfish industry. An excerpt from the documentary, "Fish for Tomorrow", presented to Congress by advocate Rick Marks.