Dock tours will be held  Fridays at 10:00am 
 July 5 - August 30, 2019

Classroom Tours are available by appointment 

For more info call:
Southern Ocean County Chamber of Commerce 609-494-7211

 Viking Village 
Dock Tours
Viking Village
Dock Tours
  To heighten public awareness of the Commercial Seafood Industry, Viking Village offers "Dock Tours".
  These tours provide basic insight into key issues relating to the management of our seafood resources ,as well as the mechanics of individual fisheries. 
  The "Tour" discusses three main fisheries; Scalloping, Gillnetting, and Long lining. Visitors get to see our facility in operation, along with a fresh display of our seafood products.

​ Viking Village Educational Dock Tours
 "Committed to Conservation "
Dock Tour Schedule 
for the 2019 season: