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Elizabeth is a 63’ steel scalloper built in 1970 as a  dragger at South Bristol, Maine. This vessel underwent extensive modification and refurbishing under her current Viking Village owners in 2000 to convert her to a full time scalloper skippered by Capt.Chris Buttocovla.
Our Boat of the week is the full time scalloper F NELSON BLOUNT. This vessel, owned by John and Marion Larson, was built in 1961 at Blount Marine in Rhode Island and is among the original boats at Viking Village Dock. Originally a seiner, the boat was subsequently converted to a clammer and then to a scalloper when John Larson purchased it. 
The Blount is skippered by Captain Dane Knutson.
A 55' steel vessel built at Rhode Island Marine in 1976, GIPPER is owned and operated by Captain Mike Green. Mike purchased Gipper in 1988 and since then this vessel has fished out of Viking Village for sword, tuna, tilefish, monkfish and most recently as a dayboat scalloper.
KATHY ANN is a 97’ steel scalloper built  in 1989 at Tarpon Springs, Fla. by partners Capt. John Larson and Capt. Jim Gutowski. This vessel has landed over 3 million pounds of scallops during her time here. She is currently skippered by Capt. Mike Francis.
KAREN L is a 60’ limited access permitted scalloper owned by Captain John Larson. This vessel was built in Port Hueneme, California in 1974 and pole fished, with a capacity of up to 82 tons of albacore, in New Zealand and Brazil.  Capt. John purchased the Karen L in 1983 and rigged her for longlining. In 2004 she was refitted as a scalloper with a single dredge and has been scalloping since then. Current skipper, Captain Charles Raffa, has been a reliable producer of Viking Village “Sushi Grade” sea scallops.
KENNEDY HELEN is a 44' fibreglass boat built in Maine in 1981. She was purchased in 2002 by present owner and skipper, Keith Heinrichs. Keith's primary effort has been dayboat scalloping and Kennedy Helen is one of our top producers. She also works in the gillnet and longline fisheries at various times throughout the year.
LINDSAY L, skippered by Capt. Nick English, is the boat that was modified by Hollywood experts to portray the Hannah Boden in the movie “The Perfect Storm”. This vessel was built in 1980 at Eastern Shipyard in Florida as a longliner and was converted to a scalloper by owner Kirk Larson in 1986.
LUCKY THIRTEEN is a 67' steel boat built in St. Augustine, Florida in 1979. Prior to being purchased by Capt. John Larson in 2005, she was working in the squid fishery and was modified at Viking Village for scalloping. The  skipper is Capt. Chris LaRocca who has extensive experience in this fishery.
MISS MADDY is a 75' steel limited access permitted scalloper. This vessel was built in 1984 in Panama City, Florida and arrived at Viking Village in 1996 after being purchased by owner Kirk Larson. She began  scalloping full time here following extensive refitting for this fishery. Miss Maddy is skippered by Captain Phil Ghigliotty and has been a consistent producer of top quality scallops for the last 12 years.
MS MANYA is a 65’ steel scalloper built for Captain John Larson in 2004 in Bayou La Batre, Alabama. This boat features an all aluminum wheelhouse to conserve weight. She is skippered by Capt. Pete Dolan and in addition to scalloping, this vessel makes a number of tilefish trips throughout the year.
PRETTY LADY is a 42" fiberglass boat owned and skippered by Captain Carl Janson. She was built in 1980 at Glass Marine in Hayes, Virginia. Carl purchased Pretty Lady in 2001 and brought her to Barnegat Light. This boat is the most recent addition to the Viking Village fleet and has been working in the dayboat scallop and monk fisheries since the beginning of the year.
PROVIDER, owned and skippered by Captain Mike Green is one of the vessels in our dayboat scallop fleet. This boat is a 55' steel vessel built in Arapaho, Virginia in 1974. Provider was purchsed in 2001by Mike who brought her to Viking Village to operate as a longliner. She was subsequently refitted for scalloping and has worked in that fishery up until the present. Mike is the owner of two other boats at Viking Village, both of them also dayboat scalloping.
 RELENTLESS is a 76’ steel scalloper built in 1978 at Eastern Marine Shipyard  in Panama City, Florida. This vessel was purchased in 2002 by Captain Owen Smith who is both owner and skipper. The Relentless scallops full time out of Viking Village and has been a major  scallop producer for the dock over the last several years.
Sea Dog is an 86’ steel scalloper built in 1987 on the Gulf Coast in Texas. Captains Ken Roma and Ed Eckert purchased her in 2003 to fish as part of our dayboat scallop fleet. Sea Dog is skippered by Dan Kulcsar.  This vessel can be counted on to fish whenever weather permits.
 Virginia Lynn has been scalloping from Viking Village since 1993 when it was purchased by Ken Roma. This steel 86 ft. full time scalloper was built in St. Augustine, Fla. in 1980. Kenny ran the boat for the first 11 years and for the last 3 years it has been skippered by Captain Ed Eckert. Over the 15 years it has fished here this vessel has landed well over 2 million pounds of scallops and fish.
ABBIE & HOLLY is a 58’ steel vessel owned by Captain Bob Brewster. She was built on Long Island in 1979 and upon purchase by Bob in 2003 was brought to Viking Village to fish full time in the local longline and Tilefish fisheries and as a dayboat scalloper.
EAGLET II is a 63' steel longline boat built at Blount Marine in Rhode Island in 1973. Purchased by Capts. John Larson and Lou Puskas it was named the Marion Frances and fished out of Viking Village dock for well over 2 decades. She was bought by current owner Bob Brewster in 2001and renamed Eaglet.
JULIANNE is a steel dayboat scalloper that has been fishing out of Viking Village since 2004. This 47’ vessel was built in Golden Meadow, Louisiana, in 1985 and is owned and skippered by Captain Craig O’Brien. This boat operates as both a longliner and dayboat scalloper.
OLYMPIC JAVELIN is a 71' steel longliner. Built in 1973 in Theodore, Alabama, she was purchased in 1982 by Captain Lou Puskas, one of the owners of Viking Village. Over the years at our dock Olympic Javelin has tilefished extensively in addition to landing swordfish, tuna and other longline species.
SEA FARMER II is a very versatile boat that works in the longline, monk and tile fisheries during the course of the year. Owned and skippered by Captain Mike Johnson, this 46' fiberglass vessel was built at Wesmac and finished by Fernandez Custom Boats in Maine in 2005.
SHOWBOAT is one of several boats at Viking Village working in the longline and dayboat scallop fisheries. This vessel is a 44'  fiberglass Wedgewood model built in Wedgeport, Nova Scotia. Showboat was built for owner Bill Leach, in 2003 and is skippered by Captain Jim Helms.
Annice Marie, a 40’ fiberglass gillnetter is a relatively recent addition to our gillnet fleet. This Maine built boat was completed in 1995. Owner and skipper, Chris Rainone purchased her in November of 2006 and she has fished out of Viking Village since then. This vessel is currently targeting bluefish and will fish for weakfish, monkfish and croakers at various times throughout the year.
COMPROMISE is a 44’ fiberglass gillnetter owned and skippered by Capt. Tim Kriegsmann. This vessel was built by Glass Marine in Hayes, Virginia in 1988. She has been fishing out of Viking Village for 20 years and recently was completely overhauled to look and operate almost like new.
DANA CHRISTINE, owned and operated by Captain Kevin Wark, is a 42' fiberglass boat built in Steuben Maine. She has fished out of Viking Village since being built in 1999 and is our most productive gillnet boat  with yearly landings of over 2 million pounds of consistently excellent quality net fish
DIFFERENT APPROACH is a 36' fiberglass gillnetter built in 2003 at the Des Champ & Jackson shipyard in Newfoundland. This boat was built for Captain Darrell Karch and brought to Viking Village dock upon completion. Fitted exclusively for gillnetting and skippered by Darrell, Different Approach fishes for various inshore species throughout the year with emphasis on monkfish, bluefish and croakers.
Endeavor is a 39 ft. fiberglass gillnetter. This vessel has been fishing out of Barnegat Light for 21 years and has landed millions of pounds of inshore fish species including bluefish, weakfish, monkfish, croakers, spiny dogfish and shad. It has also worked in the longline and dayboat scallop fisheries for short periods. Originally built and owned by Kevin Wark, the boat was purchased by Mike Karch in 2000.
ELIZA is a 40' fiberglass gillnetter that has been fishing out of Viking Village since 2005. This boat was built in 1982 at the Young Bros. Shipyard in Corea, Maine as a lobster boat. Upon arrival in Barnegat Light, Eliza was completely refitted for gillnetting by owner and skipper Capt. Mike Karch. Mike targets monkfish as well as blues, weaks and croakers during various seasons throughout the year.
MARLEE AUGUSTA is a 40' fiberglass gillnetter built in 1987 at Daniels Head Boat Builders in Clarks Harbor, Nova Scotia. She was purchased by longtime Captain Bob Tharp in 2006 and brought to Viking Village to replace his prior boat. Marlee Augusta is run by Bob and his son and fishes throughout the year, landing monkfish, bluefish, croakers and other inshore species as available.
RISKY BUSINESS is a 43' fiberglass gillnetter that has been fishing out of Viking Village for the past 5 years. This boat was built at Donnell Boatyard in Canada in 2000 and was brought here upon purchase by Capt. Hunter Mikuletzky in 2003. Hunter is a third generation commercial fisherman at Viking Village fishing for blues, weaks, croakers and other  gillnet species throughout the year.
SOUTHERN HUNTER is a fiberglass gillnetter owned and operated by Captain George Mikuletzky. This boat was one of the original 44 ft. boats built by Jacques Henriques in Bayville, NJ. It was completed in 1982 and has fished out of Viking Village continuously since then, landing several million pounds of bluefish, weakfish, croakers, monkfish and other inshore species. Captain George has fished commercially from this dock since the time when it was the Independent Fish Company prior to 1973.
TRAVELLER II, owned and operated by Captain Richard Luedtke is a 40' fiberglass gillnetter built at JC Boat Works in New Hampshire in 1980. Traveller II was originally purchased by Rick's father and Rick was the mate for many years before buying the boat from his dad. Between them Rick and his father have gillnetted out of Viking Village targeting species such as bluefish, weakfish, monkfish and croakers for over 40 years.